Remembering Jim Duke

Remembering Jim Duke, who died December 10, 2017 at the age of 88, we offer audio excerpts of the fun and folksy concert “Herbal Adventures” he gave on June 4, 2011 at Medicines from the Earth in Black Mountain, North Carolina. Photos of JIm’s life and travels provided by Helen Lowe Metzman and Andrea Ottesen. Video assembled by Robin St. James.

James A Duke, PhD was an ethnobotanist, plant researcher, author, musician, songwriter and passionate advocate for the rain forest. He left a legacy of knowledge that will influence botanical medicine for generations.

To quote Mark Blumenthal, director of the American Botanical Council: “He was a brilliant, dedicated, funny, and humble man, who earned the admiration, respect, and love of thousands of scientists and herbal enthusiasts. Jim’s huge body of work, love of plants and people, sense of humor, and generosity of spirit are positive examples for all of us.”

Read an account of Jim’s life and work here:

And another tribute by Jim’s daughter Celia Larsen which tells how to lend support for continuing Jim’s work.


Remembering Bill Mitchell, ND

It’s been ten years since doctor, philosopher, teacher and author Bill Mitchell, ND passed away in the winter of 2007. We still miss his great sense of humor, his passion for the healing energies of plants, his unbounded knowledge of naturopathic clinical practice and his cosmic perspective on life and learning.  The player below offers an audio excerpt from a talk he gave at Medicines from the Earth in 2001, for your enjoyment and as our way of remembering a great friend and healer. It’s uncanny how this talk applies just as much today as it did 16 years ago!

For more information, and to listen to the audio of the conversation with Bill Mitchell: Continue reading

Medicines from the Earth Recordings

Field Study with David Winston and Ginseng

The recordings and lecture notes from this month’s herbal conference are now online and ready to order.

See the post below for details about the event at Blue Ridge Assembly, Black Mountain, North Carolina June 3 – 6, 2016. Thanks to all who came to make it a sweet, inspiring and information-filled weekend.

See you next year! June 2 – 5, 2017.