Bundled CE Series

Thyroid management

Naturopathic physicians can earn CE through any of our video and audio series:

“I just want to say what a fan I continue to be of the content and educational series you guys consistently provide! Thank you for your efforts and the interesting and brilliant speakers you always seem to recruit.”

~ R.K., NMD

NEW! Substance Use Disorder Video Series

  • 7.5 pharmacy hours + 4.5 general hours
  • Up to 9 opioid hours available for AZ NDs
  • Explore SUD including botanical and nutritional supports for substance detox and withdrawal, managing the effects of long-term use, and examining addiction through a holistic lens including mind-body skills

Pharmacy Video Series 2023

  • 10 pharmacy hours + 2 general hours
  • Earn annual pharmacy credits while exploring topics including neurological health, mental health, substance use, gastrointestinal conditions, cancer and allergies

Pharmacy Video Series 2022

  • 10 pharmacy hours + .5 general hours
  • Topics include mental health, gastrointestinal health, neurologic impairment, substance use disorder and mental health

Pharmacy Video Series 2021

  • 10 pharmacy hours + .5 general hours
  • Topics include mental health, cannabis, cancer, herb/drug interactions and children’s health

Mental Health Video Series

  • 9 general hours of which 3 can be pharmacy
  • Speakers include naturopathic physicians Mary Rondeau, Kenneth Proefrock, Tori Hudson and Jillian Stansbury

Building Immunity Video Seriesashwagandha

  • 9 general hours
  • Learn about immune health from infants to seniors, women and autoimmunity, targeting COVID-19, etc.

NEW! Children’s Health Audio Series

  • 6 general + 6 pharmacy hours
  • In-depth information with practical clinical information regarding children’s health for specific conditions including dental pediatrics, pediatric neurology and pediatric dermatology.

Women’s Health Audio Series

  • 9 general hours + 3 pharmacy hours
  • Explore women’s health topics including abnormal paps, estrogen metabolism, hormonal depression, cervical dysplasia, food addiction, etc.

Allergies and Asthma Audio Series

  • 7 general hours + 2 pharmacy hours
  • Recordings from Paul Bergner, Kerry Bone, Mary Bove, Kenneth Proefrock and Jillian Stansbury

Environmental Illness Audio Series

  • 9 general hours + 1 pharmacy hour
  • In-depth sessions on mitigating effects of glyphosate, neuroinflammation causes/symptoms/diseases, and managing hormonal disruption

Weight Management Audio Series

  • 11.5 general hours + .5 pharmacy hours
  • Speakers include Jillian Stansbury, Kenneth Proefrock, Amanda McQuade Crawford, Donald Yance, Lise Alschuler, Katie Stage, Marianne Marchese, David Winston and Walter Crinnion

Healthy Aging Audio Series

  • 9.5 general hours + .5 pharmacy hours
  • Explore biological aging and diversity, the impact of stress on accelerated aging, daily tonics for longevity and more

Anxiety and Depression Audio Series

  • 9.5 general hours + 2 pharmacy hours
  • Sessions from David Winston, Tori Hudson, Jillian Stansbury, Mary Rondeau, Lise Alschuler and Donald Yance

Sleep Management Audio Series

  • 7.5 general hours + 1.5 pharmacy hours
  • Includes lectures on healing sleep, botanical interventions, the anti-aging power of sleep, etc.

Thyroid Management Audio Series

  • 7.5 general hours + 1.5 pharmacy hours
  • Covers Hashimoto’s, Graves, subclinical hypothyroid and other thyroid health issues

Gastrointestinal Health Audio Series

  • 12 general hours + 2.5 pharmacy hours
  • Lectures from Mary Bove, Jason Miller, Katie Stage, Jillian Stansbury, David Winston and Donald Yance

Pain and Inflammation Audio Series

  • 9 general hours + 3 pharmacy hours
  • 1.5 opioid credits available for AZ NDs
  • 12 pain management credits available for OR NDs

Cannabis Therapeutics Audio Series

  • 3.5 general hours + 6.5 pharmacy hours
  • In-depth look at therapeutic uses of cannabinoids and other cannabis compounds

All video and audio series provide naturopathic continuing education.