Allergies and Asthma Audio Series


An audio series for health care providers – with continuing education for naturopathic physicians – bundled together in one discounted package:

  • Six (6) audio recordings (1.5 hours each)
  • Digital book of notes (66-page PDF)
  • Continuing education credits: 9 hours for naturopathic physicians
  • Order with one click for $55 ($75 value)

Note: The information in this series is provided as a research resource and is not intended to replace diagnosis and treatment by a qualified health care practitioner.

Audio Series Details
(See below for full lecture titles and descriptions)

One click orders all six recordings selected from the Botanical Medicine library, plus a 66-page PDF of notes. Together these provide in-depth information on management of patients with hyperreactive immune responses resulting in allergies, asthma and other conditions, both in children and adults.

  • Paul Bergner provides a complete materia medica with formulas for dealing with allergies and describes methods of pinpointing food allergens in a patient’s diet.
  • Jillian Stansbury, ND describes the atopic reactions underlying allergies and asthma and includes a detailed description of how to wean patients from long-term use of steroids (caution–for practitioners only).
  • Mary Bove, ND draws on her lifelong experience working with the atopic child, especially children with asthma, and presents case studies for illustration.
  • Jillian Stansbury‘s lecture on gut permeability is included here to highlight the importance of repairing damaged intestinal walls and maintaining gut integrity for reducing immune hyperreactivity.
  • Kenneth Proefrock, NMD describes the development of hyperreactivity leading to asthma, and ways to normalize the membranes of the respiratory system to restore health. His therapies are, as usual, creative and unique and are based on years of experience treating this condition. (For clinicians only.)
  • And finally, we present a comprehensive lecture by renowned Australian medical herbalist Kerry Bone on herbs for asthma.

(Series price of $55 includes a 66-page PDF of lecture notes.)

Naturopathic CE:

  • 9 total CME hours if not claimed previously for the lectures listed below
  • 7 general + 2 pharmacy credits
  • Approved by Oregon Board of Naturopathic Medicine (OBNM)
  • More CE details

Audio recordings included in this series:

Allergies: Herbal Treatment and Formulas
Paul Bergner, Medical Herbalist
Begins with a description of the reasons for the development of allergies, including poor digestion, stress and repeated dietary insults. Includes methods for determining allergies to specific foods without expensive testing. Provides a review of alterative, lymphatic, tonic, and astringent herbs for allergies, with strategies for formulation and delivery. (Product Code: 06SW26)

Phytotherapy for Asthma
Kerry Bone, MSc, Medical Herbalist
A thorough examination of the pathophysiology, mediators, and factors associated with asthma (allergens, atopy, air quality, poor digestion, stress, etc.) Treatment goals are listed, and a complete materia medica is presented for the treatment of asthma. Concludes with two case histories. (Product Code: 01ME19)

Natural Medicine for Childhood Asthma
Mary Bove, ND
Describes the atopic (allergic) child and how to control the cell-mediated immunity overreaction that leads to allergy and asthma. Prevention is discussed along with treatment protocols for children with acute and chronic asthma and allergic rhinitis. Discussion of medications and side effects, and weaning strategies followed by herbal, dietary and nutrient recommendations. (Product Code: 13SW25)

Botanicals for Asthma: Weaning Patients from Pharmaceuticals
Kenneth Proefrock, NMD
This session provides an overview of asthma etiology and the conventional approaches before examining herbal alternatives to pharmaceuticals for the management of asthma in children and adults. Kenneth discusses herbal formulas and other natural interventions for asthma, including adaptogens such as Eleutherococcus and Rhodiola and botanical bronchodilators such as Ephedra and Ammi visnaga. (Product Code: 10SW27)

Atopic Phenomena: Allergies, Asthma and Eczema
Jillian Stansbury, ND
Herbal protocols for allergies, asthma, eczema, hay fever and hives include the use of Ginkgo, Euphrasia, Tanacetum, Ephedra and Curcuma. Includes a review of origins of allergies, general approaches to allergic disorders and phytochemical considerations for allergic disorders. (Product Code: 09ME32)

Rebuilding Damaged Intestinal Walls and Treating Gut Permeability with Botanical Medicines
Jillian Stansbury, ND
When the permeability of the gut walls is altered, numerous systemic health complaints may result. Undigested proteins can leak into the submucosal tissue, causing gut reactivity and digestive symptoms. If these proteins are absorbed into the bloodstream, allergic and autoimmune conditions may manifest. This lecture offers herbal and nutritional therapies for repairing the intestinal mucosa and restoring optimal gut barrier functions. (Product Code: 16ME04)

Plus Lecture notes to accompany these audio recordings in PDF Format (66-page digital book) included in the $55 package price.

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