2016 Conferences

It’s conference planning time, so mark your calendars!
Speakers, topics and registration are now available for our 2016 events!

Check back soon for program updates! Detailed brochures with weekend schedules will be posted here in January.

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Recordings on Mental Health from June, 2015


Interested in the role of botanicals in mental health? Medicines from the Earth in June of 2015 featured over twenty presentations on mental health, brain chemistry and botanical and other natural therapies. Here are reviews of three of them:

Omega-3 Oils for Brain Health: Building, Maintaining and Remodeling
Jerry Cott, PhD

When Jerry Cott attended a conference at NIH in the 1990s on omega-3s for psychiatric disorders. it sparked a lifelong interest. In this presentation he tells the intimate story of close relatives with bipolar disorder and the dramatic effect omega-3 fatty acids had in their lives.

Since then he’s carefully followed research on omega-3 oils for brain health. The brain is 60% fat by weight and he reports that every synapse, membrane and cell needs essential fatty acids for their functioning.

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Recordings on Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)

Enter coupon code Nov15 at checkout to apply a 20% discount in these categories (Ayurveda and TCM) through November 20th, 2015.


Our library includes over 40 presentations on these ancient systems of healing. Both Ayurveda and TCM excel in diagnosing underlying imbalances and treating the whole person, not just the specific condition.

Some highlights:

  • Understanding Emotional Imbalances According to TCM
  • TCM Approaches to Inflammation in a Scientific Context
  • Chinese Herbs for Athletes
  • TCM and Gynecology
  • Intensive: TCM Diagnosis for Herbalists

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