Blue Ridge Assembly–more than just a hotel

YMCA Blue Ridge Assembly June 2015


What keeps us coming back (since 1996!) to Blue Ridge Assembly for Medicines from the Earth?

The answers are easy: a peaceful oasis on 1200 mountainside acres, the rushing streams and the wild plants and trails so near at hand. Being able to leave our car behind and walk everywhere. You won’t find a TV in your room, or a cocktail lounge here, but you will enjoy fragrant nights with fireflies! Ahhh.

We asked some of our regular attendees what they appreciate about Blue Ridge and thought you’d enjoy their answers. (Photos courtesy 7Song were all taken at Blue Ridge Assembly)

Sweetshrub (Calycanthus)


Blue Ridge Assembly has a special ambiance that keeps me coming back.  I like the beauty, especially the creek with its soothing sound and the boulders where you can sit and put your feet in the cool running water and meditate.  The whole place just has a special feeling. — S.M.




“Cool crisp air in the summer, scenic views for wandering thoughts; nice staff with helpful smiles; economical lodging in Eureka Hall; camaraderie of big porches; tasty food venues in the main dining hall; and of course herbophiles and plant lovers coalescing ideas, concepts, programs, and friendships old and new. The vendor areas are a must see with a cornucopia of all things herbal. Thank you for making the Medicines from the Earth Symposium a reality for all of us!” — Benjamin Davis, DC, Atlanta, Georgia


“The Blue Ridge facility nestled in the mountains near Black Mountain offers a perfect setting for naturalists, retreats and gatherings. Convenient lodging, classrooms and food allow travel on foot the whole stay. Beautiful trails, forest and creeks greet visitors and there are amazing views of the mountains. I’ve continued to attend this wonderful conference for over 15 yrs because of the beautiful facility, wonderful people, not to mention the great classes. Thank you.” — K.C.


Tulip Poplar
Tulip Poplar

“Medicines From The Earth is more like a retreat, connecting you with nature while learning about botanical medicine. While the accommodations will provide you with comfort, it is truly the power of this place that offers a transformative experience. Arriving, you drive up a forested road that surrounds you with indigenous trees and giant stands of rhododendron and mountain laurel. With two active creeks, hiking, and a swimming pool, Blue Ridge offers a variety of places to gather to sing, share stories, play music, relax or just be.” — Sandra C.

You are welcome to email us with your impressions of Blue Ridge Assembly. We hope to see you there in June!

Fox Pups
Gray fox pups at Blue Ridge Assembly in 2015