CME for NDs: Southwest Conference 2017

Distance Learning: Southwest Conference on Botanical Medicine, 2017

April Desert Bloom
Brittlebush and Cholla Cactus in bloom in April in the Sonoran Desert

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Maximum credits approved for distance learning for NDs by Oregon Board of Naturopathic Medicine (OBNM) and Arizona (SCNM): 17.5 general hours of which 13.5 can be pharmacy.

All recordings listed below with general/pharmacy credits.
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Lecture--Please click lecture name for description and orderingGeneral CreditsPharm Credits
Botanicals for Immuno-inflammation with emphasis on Cardiovascular Disease and Cancer Part 1 and Part 2 - Lise Alschuler2 General2 Pharm
Herb-Drug Interactions: Lost in Translation - Jonathan Treasure1.5 Pharm
Therapeutic Value of Aromatic Plants - Mary Bove1.5 General
Functional Genetic Mutations and Herbal/Dietary Therapies to Mitigate their Effects - Kenneth Proefrock1.5 General
Treatment of Bacterial MDR (MRSA, VRE) with Botanical Therapies - David Winston1.5 Pharm
Differentiating the Cohoshes - Paul Bergner1.5 General
Molecular Mechanisms of Action for the “Blood Movers” in Circulatory Disorders - Jill Stansbury1.5 General
Going Platinum: Chemotherapy and Botanicals - Jonathan Treasure1.5 Pharm
Botanicals to Support Happiness and Reduce Anxiety and Depression - Lise Alschuler1 General.5 Pharm
Safe Use of Low-Dose Herbs - Eric Yarnell1.5 General
Southwest Plants for First Aid - 7Song1.5 General
The Problem of Proton Pump Inhibitors for GERD and their Alternatives - Jill Stansbury1.5 Pharm
Neurohacking: Cognitive and Performance Enhancing Therapies - Katie Stage1 General.5 Pharm
Restoring the Cortisol Cycle - Mary Bove1.5 General
Medicines of the Soul: The Ritual Use of Plants - David Winston1.5 General
Panel: Cannabis as an Alternative to Opioids, Benzodiazepines, NSAIDs and other Drugs - Panelists: Paul Bergner, Jonathan Treasure and Kenneth Proefrock1.5 Pharm
Protocols for the Treatment of Diabetes - David Winston1 General.5 Pharm
Botanicals for Cognitive Support - Lise Alschuler1 General.5 Pharm
Gastroparesis and Intestinal Motility Conditions - Jill Stansbury1.5 General
Using Flower Essences as Adaptogens - Rhonda PallasDowney1.5 General
Commonly Misprescribed Drugs - Eric Yarnell1.5 Pharm
Demonstration: Preparing and Applying Preparations for the Eyes, Ears, Nose and Throat - Kenneth Proefrock1.5 General
Medical Herbalism and the Therapeutic Order - Paul Bergner1.5 General
Cannabis and Cancer: Sifting the Science - Jonathan Treasure1.5 Pharm
Practicing Herbal Medicine in an Integrative Free Clinic - 7Song1.5 General
Botanical Options for Constipation in Children - Mary Bove1 General.5 Pharm
Medicinal Tea Party - JoAnn Sanchez1.5 General
New Insights into Commonplace and Undervalued Herbs - Paul Bergner1.5 General
Epigenetics and Mental Health - Kenneth Proefrock1.5 General
Natural Approaches to Gout - Eric Yarnell1 General.5 Pharm

NOTE: Maximum possible CME: 17.5 general of which 13.5 can be pharmacy.

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