Transcript: Continuing Education Video

Walter Crinnion, ND:

So the first time I came to Medicines from the Earth was probably about 10 years ago although I had heard a lot about it prior to that. One of my teachers mentors and friends a giant in botanical medicine field Dr. Bill Mitchell co-founder the Bastyr University this was his favorite conference and as a naturopathic medical physician needing to get CE credits and continued learning in my field I go to a lot of conferences and I also teach at a lot of conferences and I found that when I think back over the year which conferences I enjoyed most this continues to be at the top of my list.

The presentations here are really amazing great in-depth stuff great beginner level stuff but you’ve got people here practicing just herbal medicine it’s a flavor that you don’t get at any other conference so it’s a wonderful feel of back to the roots of natural healing that happens here and you have herbalists here people that wild craft that go out in the woods and find it people that grow it people that have been doing botanical medicine from an herbalist perspective and from a biochemical perspective nurses are here MDs are here naturopathic physicians are here chiropractic physicians and here acupuncturists are here. You’ve got an entire range a collective group and the energy here is the nicest of any conference I’ve ever been to it just keeps me coming back.

When you come here you’ve got to go on an herb walk with Doug Elliot one of the great national treasures Doug Elliot greatest great national treasure you’ve got a herb walk with him you will learn more than you ever thought possible and be more entertained than you ever thought possible. All in all there’s so many wonderful things here in the setting… setting let your heart open up you get a vacation while you’re learning great stuff