Southwest Conference Friday Field Study and Garden Workshop

Superstitious Mountains ArizonaMarch 27, 2020
Friday Outdoor Events

Field studies and garden classes allow a small group to experience a longer, more in-depth immersion in Southwestern botanical medicine. Sign up early for an outdoor class–this is an experience not to be missed!

Details below for:

All Day Field Study with John Slattery
Morning Garden Workshop with JoAnn Sanchez

Lost Dutchman Park ArizonaAll Day Friday Field Study
Title: Bioregional Herbalism: Developing Relationship with Plants with John Slattery
Where: First Water Trailhead in the Superstition Wilderness near Lost Dutchman State Park, about an hour from SCNM
Date and Time: March 27, 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM
Cost: $120
Open: Only to those registered for the SW Conference.
Carpools: Arranged in advance by contacting us by March 15.

Throughout time, herbalists’ training has begun by developing relationship with the plants that grow around us. This involved long hours of observation and contemplation with guidance from experienced elders, often beginning at a very young age. Now most, if not all of our training is derived from books, lectures, scientific studies, and video training with very little knowledge being passed from plant-to-person, the original way of learning about plants.

Join bioregional herbalist John Slattery for a walk through a diverse Sonoran desert landscape where multiple habitats converge as we explore the various modes of gathering knowledge about plants as medicine. We’ll focus on direct observation of plants, and receptivity to transmission of knowledge and healing from plants. John has been honing these exercises and this approach to working with wild plants for well over a decade. The material is deep and powerful, yet accessible to any and all who put their awareness into receptivity from the plants.

Continuing education (CE) credits: Applications submitted and pending for 7 hours CE for naturopathic physicians (California and Oregon). Continuing education details.

  • Application approved for 7 hours for acupuncturists (by NCCAOM and CA Board of Acupuncture)
  • Application approved for 7 hours for Arizona naturopathic physicians (SCNM CE)

John SlatteryJohn Slattery

A bioregional herbalist, ethnobotanist, writer and teacher, John Slattery has been helping people develop relationship with wild plants for over 15 years. He founded Desert Tortoise Botanicals in 2005 which offers wild harvested plant medicines to the people of the Southwest. He maintains a clinical practice in Tucson, AZ and offers plant walks, foraging expeditions, field trips into Sonora, Mexico, and his annual Sonoran Herbalist Apprenticeship Program.

John is the author of a the recently published Southwest Foraging, a guide to foraging in Texas, New Mexico, Arizona Oklahoma, Southern Nevada and Southern Utah. It aims to not only describe the plants and where to find them, but promote sustainable foraging practices as well.

JoAnn Sanchez SCNM Herb GardenGarden Workshop with JoAnn Sanchez
Grow Your Own Herb Garden in the Southwest
Where: SCNM Herb Garden
Date and Time: March 27, 9:00 AM – Noon
Cost: $65
Open: Only to those registered for the SW Conference. 

This workshop provides an experience of the garden as a place of healing refuge, live learning experiences and as a provider of the raw materials for making powerful plant medicines. We really can grow our own botanical medicines in this climate, and JoAnn Sanchez, the creator of the SCNM herb garden, explains how. We discuss the best herbs to grow in our region, tips and ideas about climate, soils, light, moisture, habitat. life cycle, and applications for harvest, garbling and processing, storage and, finally, delivery into medicinal remedies.

When we grow our own medicines, patients and/or family members are able to see the plants (and perhaps help with growing and harvesting), and the practitioner knows where their herbal medicines come from and how they are processed.

Continuing education (CE) credits: Applications submitted and pending for 3 hours credit for naturopathic physicians (California and Oregon). More information on conference CE

  • Application approved for 3 hours for acupuncturists (by NCCAOM and CA Board of Acupuncture)
  • Application approved for 3 hours for Arizona naturopathic physicians (by SCNM CE)

JoAnn Sanchez

JoAnn Sanchez

JoAnn Sanchez has presented garden workshops at this conference for decades. She is the designer and main supervisor of the SCNM herb garden, and has long wanted to offer a longer, more in-depth class on growing our own medicinal herbs in the Southwest. This class provides that opportunity!

JoAnn is the director of the herbalist training program at Southwest Institute of Healing Arts in Scottsdale (a 750-hour diploma program), for which she has recently published five training manuals. She also teaches botanical medicine at the Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine and, with her students, plants and tends the herb garden there.

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