2022 Medicines Symposium Attendee Lecture Notes

Healing for Our Times through a Five-Step Protocol
For the Joy of Bon Bons (Demonstration)



Antiviral Herbs Native to the Appalachian Mountains – Article
Antiviral Herbs Native to the Appalachian Mountains – PowerPoint
Topical Herbal Treatments – Article
Topical Herbal Treatments – PowerPoint


Energetic Herbalism: Understanding the Elements of Plants and Humans for Health
Deep Medicine and Inflammation–How Health is Tied to the Human Condition



Lost in Translation: Epigenetics, Mental Health and Botanical Medicine
Archaic Techniques of Ecstasy: Exploring Botanical Medicine through the Work of Mircea Eliade

Pre-Conference Intensive: Compounding Workshop



The One and Only Ashwagandha
Phenotypes of Depression, Part 1
Phenotypes of Depression, Part 2


SIBO, IMO and More! Updates on small and large intestinal bacterial overgrowth
Engaging the Post Pandemic Libido
Keynote Panel: Inspiring a Way Forward–Navigating the Current Mental Health Crisis
The Impact of the Circadian Rhythm on Hormone and Whole Person Health


The Damage Done: Navigating the Physical Impacts of Long-Term Drug Use with Herbs & Nutrition
The Siren’s Song: Working with Addiction When Someone is Ready to Quit



All About Dandelions: Medicinal and Holistic Applications




Spirituality and Healing – The Meaning and Practice of Spiritual Care in Medicine
Targeting VEGF (Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor): A Main Driver in Cancer Angiogenesis and Growth
The Calcium Paradox: Friend or Enemy?



Principal Plants of Herbal First Aid




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