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We invite you to join us for a weekend of education and inspiration at beautiful Blue Ridge Assembly in Black Mountain, North Carolina.  View brochure here.

Welcome to the 2014 Medicines from the Earth Information Pages. 

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$399 covers all lectures, panel discussions and other group meetings.  Lodging, meals and intensive workshops are extra.

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Blue Ridge Assembly  
The symposium site is nestled on a mountainside surrounded by 1200 forested acres with two rushing mountain streams. Lodging, dining and lectures are all within walking distance.  Blue Ridge Assembly is 40 minutes east of Asheville, NC.

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All Day Pre-conference Events Friday, May 30 

*Environmental Influences on Autoimmune Disease--Diagnosis and Treatment  ($89)
Walter Crinnion, ND

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*Ethnobotanical and Native Plant Field Study ($65)
David Winston 

Symposium Registration


Symposium begins at 8:30 AM on Saturday May 31 and ends at 2 PM on Monday, June 2.  

All-day pre-conference intensives begin Friday May 30 at 9:30 AM. 

Speakers and Topics 
(Subject to minor changes)

Juliet Blankespoor
1. Medicinal and Edible Plant Walk

Mark Blumenthal
1. Systematic Reviews and Meta-analyses of Controlled Clinical Trials Show Many Positive Benefits for Popular Herbs and Phytomedicines 
2. The Identity and Quality of Commercial Herb Products A Review of the ABC-AHP-NCNPR Botanical Adulterants Program
3. Hilarious Health: A View of Healthcare, Diet, Integrative Medicine, and Related Health Matters as Seen Through Cartoons

Teresa Boardwine
1. Adrenal Adaptogen Medicine Making
2. Back Yard Herbs: Free and Accessible Medicine

Mary Bove
1. Intensive: Kitchen Medicine First Aid
2. Botanical Medicines for Blood Building and Iron-deficiency Anemia
3. Addressing the Many Causes of Insomnia

Amanda McQuade Crawford
1. What To Say & Do in Trauma, Bereavement and Loss 
2. Women's Health: The HPV Update - What a Mess. 
3. Digestion Today:
The Gut as the Foundation for Immune Function, Mood and Spiritual Growth

Walter Crinnion
1. Intensive: Autoimmunity = Body Toxicity - diagnosis and treatment
2. All disease DOES start in the colon
3. Will brown rice and apple juice kill me? A comprehensive review of the literature about arsenic

Doug Elliott
3 4 Herb Walks

David Hoffmann
1. Sceletium tortuosum A South African anti-depressant, new to clinical practice. 
2. Prescribing for the unique individual. A review of the various factors involved in this fundamental but challenging issue.

Steven Johnson
1. Introduction to Anthroposophical Medicine
2. External Plant Applications 
3. Mistletoe therapy for immune modulation (cancer support) and other chronic illnesses

Kathleen Maier
1. Introduction to Western Energetic Herbalism: Applications for Hypertension and Hypothyroid 
2. Energetics of Menopause
3. The Subtle Art of Working with Astringents

Robin McGee
1. The Art of Making Tree Medicine: How to Harvest and Prepare the Gifts from the Trees

Jason Miller
1. The adrenal network, chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia. Botanical and nutritional solutions
2. The immune system and autoimmunity: Stress, triggers, and cascades
3. The thyroid, Hashimoto's, Grave's Disease, botanical medicine and Iodine

Jill Stansbury
1. Osteoporosis and Bone Building Herbs and Nutrients: Latest Research
2. Navigating the Quagmire of Phytosterol Research. 
3. Kudos to Kudzu: Pueraria mirifica and lobata for Menopause, Bone Density and Cardiovascular Support 

Vickie Shufer
1. Spring Greens and A Taste of the Wild: Demonstration

Marc Williams
1. Medicines Uses of Exotic Invasive Plants (Outdoor Walk) 

David Winston
1. Friday Ethnobotanical and Native Plant Field Study
1. Updated Botanical and other Therapies for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)
2. Differential Treatment of Depression and Anxiety Updates

Donald Yance
1. The Cancer/Host Micro-environment: Assessing and Targeting Hypercoagulation 
2. Dietary Medicine and Cancer

Panel Discussions:
1. Preventing Joint Degeneration with Botanicals: Four     Perspectives  
Panelists: Amanda McQuade Crawford, Jason Miller, Steven Johnson and David Winston

2. Evidence vs. Hype: Natural Skin Care 
Teresa Boardwine and Jill Stansbury

Sunday Evening Program: 
An Evening of Story and Song--Expressing our Many Faces 
By the fire in the amphitheater. (weather permitting)
Everyone welcome to contribute!
Hosted by Doug Elliot and Teresa Boardwine

View the complete symposium brochure here.

Symposium Registration


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