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Deborah Frances Biography


Deborah Frances, ND

After starting her career as a registered nurse, Dr. Deborah Frances returned to school and graduated from the National College of Naturopathic Medicine in 1993. She then opened an office in rural Oregon, where she ran a full family practice for fifteen years before relocating back in Portland to teach at her alma mater. She currently runs a part time practice in Portland and teaches classes in shamanic healing and animal communication in addition to her positions as adjunct professor at the National College of Naturopathic Medicine and Bastyr University.

Dr. Frances is a popular lecturer at conferences across the country. Her writings have been published in several professional journals, including Simillimum, The Journal of Naturopathic Medicine, The Journal of the American Herbalists Guild, and Medical Herbalism.
Dr. Francesí approach to healing is influenced by her background in psychiatric nursing, Jungian dream work, the philosophy of naturopathic medicine, and the teachings of her Lakota ancestry. 

Web site: http://www.dancingcrow.net 

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Beyond Hypericum:  Differential Uses of Herbs in the Treatment of Depression Deborah Frances, ND


Botanical Treatment of Asthma: Crataegus as a Respiratory Herb Deborah  Frances, ND


Differential Treatment of Headache with Botanical Medicine  Deborah Frances, ND


Crataegus: Not Just a Heart Herb  Deborah Frances, ND


Herbs and Nutrition for Preconception Health Care  Francesca Naish


Botanical Treatment of Inflammatory Conditions of the GI Tract  Deborah Frances, ND


PANEL: Botanicals for Hepatitis C Paul Bergner, Deborah Frances, ND, Jill Stansbury, ND and David Winston


Herbs for Supporting Musculoskeletal Health Deborah Frances, ND


Herbal Support in the Treatment of Joint Pain and Inflammation  Deborah Frances, ND


Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: Botanical Therapies, Part 1  Deborah Frances, ND

00ME19 Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: Botanical Therapies, Part 2  Deborah Frances, ND

Plenary Session: Traditional Herbal Formulas 
Chanchal Cabrera, Ryan Drum, PhD, Deborah Frances, ND and Cascade Anderson Geller


    Nourishing the Nerves with Specific Herbal Medicines Deborah Frances, ND


The History of Women in Herbal Medicine Deborah Frances, ND


Three Plants of Power: Aralia, Oplopanax & LIgusticum  Deborah Frances, ND


Botanical Approaches to Hypothyroidism Deborah Frances, ND


Botanicals for Healthy Sexual Function  Deborah Frances, ND


Lymph & Liver: Taraxacum, Ceanothus and Calendula Deborah Frances, ND


Specific Indications for Prescribing Adaptogens Deborah Frances, ND

03SW03 The Doctrine of Signatures in Nature Deborah Frances, ND
04SW06 Vitalism in Healing: A Botanical Perspective Deborah Frances, ND
04SW12 Optimizing Breast Health with Botanicals   Deborah Frances, ND
04SW20 Botanicals for Depression: Addressing the Thyroid, Adrenals and Liver  Deborah Frances, ND
04SW20 Herbs for Depression: Addressing the Thyroid, Adrenals and Liver Deborah Frances, ND
05ME29 Natural Therapies for Early Alzheimer's Disease  Deborah Frances, ND



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